What penis circumference women expect

that when a lady charms a man, when they land together in bed and it turns out that his penis is not enough for her, then she comes up with a proposal that the gentleman should become a BFF. The woman pigeonholes him, on the one hand, for some reason, she does not want to lose him, on the other hand, she does not want erotic intercourse because they are not satisfactory for her.

What kind of member do women want?

Wśród Europejczyków najhojniej natura obdarzyła Węgrów, których penis podczas erekcji ma średnio 16,1 cm. W skali globu przodują jednak przedstawiciele Demokratycznej Republiki Kongo, Ekwadorczycy i Ghańczycy, rekordzistą jest jednak Amerykanin Jonah Falcon, którego ‘mały’ ma 34 cm. Badania zostały przeprowadzone prAmong Europeans, nature bestowed the most generously on Hungarians, whose penis is 16.1 cm on average during erection. Globally, however, the leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuadorians and Ghanaians, are the American Jonah Falcon, whose ‘small’ is 34 cm. The research was conducted by the Australian National Agency for Health and Human Services. Size is one thing, but for women what matters more is the thickness of the penis and its efficiency. Women like thick penises for obvious reasons, this is of course the innervation of the vagina. A thick member makes the side walls of the vagina properly cared for, which is why it is so important for women. At the moment when the penis is long but thin at the same time, then they will not be fully satisfied. It can be boldly said that the ladies will choose a partner with a slightly shorter penis, but at the same time quite thick, and they will reject a man with a long but thin penis. Females expect at least 9.3 cm. penis circumference at rest and 11.7 cm. erect. Demanding beautiful, independent women, however, have higher expectations, they assume that if they are to have beautiful legs for men, a firm ass and abundant breasts, let these men also give something from each other, therefore, in the light of the research, it turned out that they want 16- 16.3 cm. erect penis length and a circumference of 12.2-12.7 cm.

How to correct nature’s imperfections

Gentlemen who care about a given woman should not give up. It’s not worth giving up a great girl just because the thickness of your penis is inappropriate. Women do the same when they like a guy, they can do breast surgery to look better, more feminine, to make him fall in love with him and thus to win him and keep him with them. Men who want to fight for their happiness with a beautiful woman by their side should use penis enlargement measures. The first solution are penis enlargement pills, such can be the widely recommended Member XXL pills. This measure improves the penis, it enters the vagina more easily, is thicker and larger. Another solution is the expanders that men wear for several hours during the day, they are placed on the penis. Many men use creams for penis enlargement, of which Expansil Cream is definitely worth attention and recommendation. Men who have an erection problem should, according to sexologists, reach for penis pumps, thanks to their use, blood flows to the penis. Another solution is enlargement with the use of hyaluronic acid, this procedure is commonly carried out in aesthetic medicine clinics under the supervision of a doctor with many years of experience, it gives a 100% guarantee of enlargement and enlargement of the circumference, which is why many men choose this form. Doctors recommend various types of exercises aimed at enlarging the body, one of the most commonly used is the so-called jelqing. In jelqing, the effects are worked out using massage. It is worth mentioning, however, that this is a controversial method that does not guarantee success, therefore, if you want to fight for the woman of your life, it is better to bet on something proven that gives a guarantee. The final solution is penis enlargement surgery, which is used when the length of the penis is insufficient for sexual intercourse. It is worth choosing other methods, because the operation carries a significant risk, even if the man enlarges the ‘little one’, it will not satisfy the woman anyway.


Women are visual learners too, even if they don’t admit it. Ladies want their male penis to satisfy them, beautiful women can choose their partners, they will always bet on men with a thick penis and a long enough one. It is worth fighting for a woman, because this is how you can win happiness and sexual fulfillment, there are methods that will help you achieve the right result, they are penis enlargement agents, it is worth reaching for those proven, safe and guaranteeing the achievement of the goal.

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