The perfect penis length

Probably every man has wondered if his penis is big and long enough to please his partner. If you are also using a ruler to gauge your masculinity, you are certainly not alone in this. What is the ideal penis length and is there such a thing at all?

Penis satisfaction

There are many scientific studies that focus on the correlation of penis size with female sexual satisfaction. Men who are dissatisfied or even unhappy with the size of their penis are not uncommon. In fact, one study conducted on a group of 200 men found that as many as 68% of them are not satisfied with what Mother Nature gave them. The perfect penis length that will satisfy every woman is a dream of many men. Does size really matter that much?

Penis size and a woman’s pleasure

Remember that penis size is not the only thing that determines a man’s sexual performance. Only 20% of all women are able to reach orgasm only through penetrative sex. Therefore, penis size is not the most important issue in bed life.

All women have different preferences and susceptibility to stimuli in the erotic sphere. Therefore, the perfect penis size is a very individual matter. However, a 2012 study found that women who prefer deep vaginal penetration are much more likely to experience vaginal orgasms. In their case, the partner’s longer penis size has a noticeable effect on female pleasure. The researchers did not provide the optimal penis size, but suggested that it must be larger than average.

What is the average penis size?

Research on this average penis length is carried out quite regularly. Noticeable differences between them result from the methodology of their implementation. Controlled laboratory tests provide different results than environmental interviews, which only underlines the fact that the length of their penis is of great importance to men. Clinical studies in Poland show that the average size is 3-4 cm smaller than the results of the survey-based studies. What do these numbers really look like at the Vistula River?

  • Average length when erected – 14.29 cm.
  • Average length at rest – 9.16 cm.

These numbers are in agreement with many other penile size studies (laboratory controlled) that followed. The above results apply to penises of Poles. What does it look like in the world? Taking into account all countries of the world, the average penis size is 13.12 cm.

Study of penis size preferences among women

In a survey of 50,000 men and women, as many as 85% of female representatives indicated that they were completely satisfied with the dimensions of their partner’s penis. It may be surprising that in the same survey, almost half of the men reported dissatisfaction with the size of their penis. The obtained results suggest that male concerns about insufficient penis length are in most cases unfounded.

However, ensuring satisfaction and the perfect penis length are two separate issues. In another survey, some women suggested that they would rather have a one-time intercourse with a man who has a large penis than with a partner who only boasts an average size. In an interesting study on the bed preferences of heterosexual women, the study group was asked to select a 3D penis model from a number of different variants with no given sizes. In a group of 75 women aged 18 to 65, it was indicated that the ideal length of the penis in the feint is 16 cm, which may be quite a surprising result.

It is worth mentioning that in other survey studies, the length of the ideal penis size varies significantly from country to country. It turns out that Polish women – right after Austrians – have the greatest requirements in Europe as to the size of a member. According to our ladies, the ideal penis length is 17.3 cm on average. British women are the least demanding in this respect. In their case, it is 14.2 cm.

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