Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

Penis enlargement by injection of hyaluronic acid is a good alternative to surgical penis enlargement procedures or tablets. It is true that the effect is not permanent, the effect is still satisfactory and very visible and cheaper than the full price for the tablet treatment. This treatment is 100 percent safe, does not cause complications and, most importantly, is painless.

A few words about what hyaluronic acid is

Hyaluronic acid is present in the human body and all living organisms. It is found, among others, in connective tissues, cartilage, synovial fluid, in the eye, kidney tears, and even in the vocal cords. It is also one of the components of body fluids and one of the basic ingredients that build the walls of our blood vessels. It was first isolated from bovine eye in 1934 by Karl Meyer and John Palmer. However, the name comes from the Greek “hyalos”, which means glass. The greatest amount of acid, more than 50%, is in the skin in the form of sodium hyaluranate. When we are young, we have a lot of it. It keeps the skin taut, hydrated and supple. When we start to age, we start to lack it, which causes wrinkles, the skin becomes drier and drier, and the regeneration time is significantly longer. It has been used in aesthetic medicine since the 1980s for fillings

What are the benefits of such a procedure?

The penis enlargement procedure by means of acid increases the length of the penis by 1 to 3 cm and its thickness by 2 to 5 cm, but it all depends on the size of the starting penis. This treatment is performed by injecting a gel containing hyaluronic acid into the penis. It is safe and completely absorbable because it is found naturally in our body. I keep the effect for 2 years. After a year, the treatment can be repeated and corrected. The advantage of this treatment is that after the acid is completely absorbed, the penis does not return to its original size anyway. Because the acid itself stimulates the production of its own collagen.

The course of the procedure

The procedure itself does not take long, from 20 to 40 minutes. It is performed using local anesthesia. The doctor introduces the gel subcutaneously with a specialized needle, the amount introduced is selected according to the individual needs of the patient. There may be slight redness and bruising at the site of acid injection, but this is normal and not dangerous. After the procedure, you can return to your home immediately, you do not need to be under the supervision of a doctor. One of the recommendations is to massage the penis so that the gel does not move. It is recommended that after the procedure for 2 to 4 weeks, you should give up heavy physical exertion and sexual activity. The effect lasts up to 2 years.

Preparing the patient for the procedure

A patient who wants to undergo a penis enlargement procedure by injecting acid before the procedure should not take drugs that reduce blood clotting, anti-inflammatory drugs, drink or consume alcohol. In addition, the patient cannot be diagnosed with inflammation, low-grade fever, herpes or a rash in the intimate areas.

Tips for the patient after surgery

Członek powinien być utrzymywany w zadartej pozycji. Od 2 do 4 tygodni pacjent powinien zrezygnować z aThe member should be kept in an upturned position. From 2 to 4 weeks, the patient should refrain from sexual and physical activity. Resignation from taking hot baths, using saunas or jacuzzis. Specialist massage of the penis should be performed to evenly distribute the acid and spend better time after the procedure. Very tight underwear should also be worn after

Contraindications for the procedure

  • phimosis
  • cancer of the genitourinary system organ
  • inflammatory diseases
  • diseases related to blood clotting and connective tissue
  • taking certain medications
  • problems with the patient’s potency
  • visible inflammation in the groin area

The price of the procedure

CePrices may depend on a given clinic or city where we want to perform and range £ 1,000 to £ 5,500 per milliliter of the preparation injected into the penis.

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