Penis enlargement with exercises

The demand for penis enlargement agents is not decreasing. Statistics say unequivocally that most sex is a very important element of human life – the sense of fulfillment in sexual life allows you to definitely increase self-confidence. Every man wants to be sure that he is completely satisfied with his partner and strives to be always ready for action. The size of the penis plays a significant role here, which is why men who are not satisfied with what nature has given them can add a few centimeters on their own.

How to enlarge the penis?

There are many methods, mainly thanks to the development of medicine. There are special treatments that involve enlarging the penis with your own fat, hyaluronic acid, or using a laser. In addition, a man can equip himself with supplements that are aimed at improving the blood supply to the penis, which results in its increase. It should be remembered that the above-mentioned methods are more or less invasive, but there are also natural methods that every gentleman should be familiar with.

More and more men decide to start their adventure in the gym. Physical exercises make our figure slimmer, and the muscles are more and more visible with each training. It is with the help of appropriately selected exercises that we can also increase the p

Kegel muscles

These are the pelvic floor muscles that can work wonders if they are strong enough. Training this part of muscles is recommended mainly to women, because trained Kegel muscles minimize the risk of bladder problems after pregnancy and childbirth. These muscles turn out to be important also for men who want to improve their sex life. In men, they are located between the anus and the scrotum, and their exercise involves alternating tightening and relaxing. The most important thing is to feel these muscles, it is best to train while lying on your back with your knees bent. The trained Kegel muscles ensure a strengthened and prolonged erection, intense orgasms, controlled ejaculation, and also prevent urinary incontinence problems. Thanks to these exercises, your penis during an erection will be larger due to stronger blood supply.


Something that is stretched is also longer – it results from simple rules of logic. We can do the same with the penis – just stretch it when it is in a resting position, but remember that during this activity you should not feel any pain or discomfort. These types of exercises should be performed with great accuracy and sensitivity so as not to hurt yourself. The penis should be stretched gently for about 15-30 seconds, and after the break, the action should be repeated a few more times. It is a simple exercise that we can do even in the shower. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that during this exercise, blood circulation changes and in order to restore proper flow, you need to massage the penis. 


It is an Arabic method which is nothing new in those regions. The exercise itself is deceptively similar to classic masturbation, but the penis should not be fully erect, it must be partially flaccid. Starting from the root of the penis, we move the hand upwards, as a result of which the skin and internal tissues are stretched. It is worth using a lubricant during this exercise, because when rubbing, irritation and redness may occur. For quick results, exercise 5-7 times a week for about 40 minutes.

The above-described method is basic, although there are other alternatives. You can stretch the penis sideways, hit the penis against the abdomen, and perform a circular motion with a member. An interesting form of penis enlargement is also jelqing, which consists in the fact that with the penis fully erect, we try to pick up a towel placed on it, which, if wet, acts as a kind of weight.

Exercises intended to increase the penis will only be effective if done systematically and carefully. Accuracy and patience are the key to success.

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