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Many men who want to undertake penis enlargement treatment with Member XXL look for a product in many places, starting from various auction portals, including Allegro, eBay or Amazon, to various strange Internet or third-hand forums. As you know, this is not very sensible behavior on their part. We never know what, in which case we will get from the seller what may be inside. It is not known whether from such a seller, e.g. from eBay, we will not get a suspicious replacement that will harm instead of helping, and in the worst case, we will not end up in the hospital.

Brief characteristics of the product

Before we move on to showing some auctions with this measure. Let us briefly describe what the preparation Member XXL really is, what it contains and what effects it gives.

Sets and price list of the offered product Member XXL

“Member XXL” is a modern, 100 percent natural penis enlargement agent at home. It is an ideal replacement for surgical procedures in which side effects or complications may appear. The agent consists of natural ingredients such as: l-arginine, fenugreek extract, saw palmetto fruit extract, ground mace, Chinese citrus fruit extract, Korean Panax ginseng, saffron and black pepper. After 3 weeks of systematic use, the first effects of the treatment should appear. Take two capsules a day, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

Zestawy oraz cennik oferowanego produktuu Member XXL

Pełna kuracja Member XXL kosztuje ok. 179 zł za opakowanie, które starcza na jeden miesiąc kuracji. Gdy bierzemy The full Member XXL treatment costs about PLN 179 per package, which is enough for one month of treatment. When we take in packages, we have cheaper options, because when we take 2 packages, we get one for free, which saves us one package. However, when we want to buy a full treatment for 6 months, we buy three packages and get another three for free.

As you can see, the price for this type of dietary supplement is not too high, and in return we get very good results of the treatment, so no man should be dissatisfied with the choice. Despite this, there will be people who will want to save or earn on someone’s naivety. As we can see, the composition is 100% natural and the tablets are made of the best quality ingredients, which means that it has to cost a bit. However, simple mathematics shows us that it is cheaper anyway than for a surgical procedure performed in an aesthetic surgery clinic.

However, if you are still not convinced to buy the original product from dedicated websites. Then let’s try to review a few offers from different portals.

Review of offers from auction sites

Let’s start with auctions on the most popular auction site in Poland, which is Allegro. And this is where a certain cabaret begins, because after reviewing most of the auctions, the prices can be higher than the original ones. Admittedly, there is not any great demand for it. However, after looking, you can see that there are people trying to cash in on people’s naivety. They try to lure potential customers by adding mediocre freebies. Fortunately, there is little interest on this site.

Then I decided to check out one of the two most successful auction sites in the world, eBay. And the results did not surprise me at all, just like on the above portal, the prices are terribly inflated, and there are much less offers for the client. The interest is similar to the Allegro, which is practically zero. However, the offers are there.

I will be flooded with offers, but to my surprise I did not find a single auction for this product.


Fortunately, after a little research on auction sites, there is less of it than I expected. Which does not change the fact that the phenomenon of third-hand selling does exist. Remember, however, dear customers, if you want the only real, legal and 100% working supplement, I recommend buying from the manufacturer or from trusted sellers cooperating with the manufacturer. The link to the manufacturer’s website is below:

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