Average penis size in Germany

Oktoberfest is a beer harvest festival held in Munich since 1810, one of the largest folk festivals in the entire Old Continent. During this holiday, men can taste the best beer in the world, stay with their partners, or if they do not have them, then find a beautiful woman, the Bavarian women’s costume is extremely beautiful, it stimulates every man, so regardless of whether someone is a native of Munich, or a visitor from Cologne, Berlin or Monchengladbach, this event attracts everyone like a magnet. At this time, the Germans are coming, everyone is equal, celebrities and ordinary people, someone even coined the statement that you cannot be a footballer

Why do Germans have such long penises?

Research has shown that Germans have more than average penises. At one time, our western neighbors had a rather skimpy penis, which contrasted with the beautiful, abundant breasts of German women. In order not to lose their women, men decided to start enlarging their limbs. Currently, Germany is the world record holder in the field of penis enlargement, according to a study by the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in New York. The Germans dreamed of having perfect sex, wanted to follow the blow and began to enlarge their genitalia, usually from 3 to 6 cm. Gentlemen in Germany took care of this subject, so now they can enjoy delicious sex. Polish women, citizens of the Baltic republics, Belarusians, Russians, and more and more often Belgians and French women dream about coexistence with a German. The parable of Wanda, which did not want a German, should be put between fairy tales because now the best spokes dream about coexistence with our western neighbors, beautiful, intelligent, well-groomed, independent women who only dream about a strong orgasm, which is the result of intercourse with a handsome man equipped a long and thick stick that will know what the game is really about. The second secret of the success of Germans among beautiful women is Member XXL. Men who decide to use this preparation can do more and longer, which beautiful women like very much, because for them only such an attitude is satisfactory.

How can Poles increase their success with women?

Until recently, German women looked with interest at Polish men, whose penises are among the European leaders. However, it should be remembered that whoever does not develop, consequently withdraws. The Germans took care of their birthright, thanks to the excellent preparation Member XXL, they increased their salary, although Poles are still considered very good lovers, they remained a bit behind. A woman who has a choice of a very good German with a large bird, it should be added that with an excellent technique and an average Pole, she will always choose the better one. A real woman will not be satisfied with just anything, she will reach for what is better, which will also increase her self-esteem that someone from a high-class looked at her. Africans are still the most abundant, but this direction is not always liked by the ladies. Women look pragmatically, assume that why should they look in the direction of Kinshasa, since Berlin or Munich are nearby, where they can have fun in the arms of a German, try new positions. Poles do not want to be left behind, the most aware men on the Vistula assume that Member XXL will make their penis longer, harder, thicker, ready for love frolics with burning pussies. Poles are famous for good technique, they are creative in bed, they are eager to experiment, which is why Member XXL tablets are an excellent complement, thanks to which women will go crazy with pleasure, they will get orgasm after orgasm. Member XXL is a really good product with natural extracts, which mixture will make ladies go crazy, here is everything that is needed to make the ‘little staś’ a powerful pipe, giving pleasure to even the most refined, sensual, eager for strong sensations Helga. The manufacturer guarantees 100% effectiveness, and users who reach for the preparation give the best recommendations, it is really worth it.

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