How to measure penis length?

Men often have many complexes about the size of their penis. Usually they are not sure about its length, and more often also about its thickness. It cannot be denied that such complexes can lead to many failures in terms of sexual life. Research has shown that most of the “bed failures” that affect the male gender are related to a lack of self-confidence. More and more men are trying to measure the length of their penis and check whether their result is normal or below average. Nevertheless, many factors can influence the measurement results. So how do you measure your penis length correctly?

What is the average pen length?

It turns out that over 85% of women are satisfied with the birth parameters of their partner, the same declaration is made by only 45% of men. The topic of male genitalia appeared more than once on many medical websites, where frustrated men tried to determine the ideal size of the penis. Therefore, it is worth bringing the average parameters closer at this point in order to dispel doubts once and for all. It turns out that the average length of the male genitalia ranges from 7 to 10 centimeters. If, in turn, we consider the circumference, then we are dealing with about 9-10 centimeters. It is also worth considering the average size of an erect penis. Then the length is approximately 12 to 16 centimeters, and the thickness of the penis is approximately 12 centimeters. Nevertheless, some studies deny that there is any correlation here. However, if men are struggling with complexes regarding their penis, and it also leads to a significant decrease in self-confidence, they should then consider visiting a sexologist or psychologist. It is also worth taking advantage of online consultations, which can be a much more convenient form of talking about your friends

How to measure penis length?

and the length of the penis can be influenced by many factors that are not always dependent on us. The size of the penis may change under the influence of stress or fatigue, but the frequency of sexual activity and the level of sexual arousal may also contribute to changes in length. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that it may be necessary to take several different length measurements, at different times and on several different days. Then it is worth adding up and taking the average measurement. So how do you correctly measure your penis length? Here is a quick instruction, step by step:

  • first of all, men have to equip themselves with a measuring tape and a pen with a sheet of paper to be able to record the results of the measurement
  • Measurements should be made on the straightened penis, starting by pressing the tip of the tape measure as far as possible into the pubic bone until it resists – it is especially important to find the place where the penis adheres to the body
  • successively we measure with a tape measure, all the way to the very tip of the penis
  • we write down the measurements on a piece of paper and repeat, for example, the next day in the morning or in the evening
  • we sum up the results and take the average

Gentlemen should remember that measuring the penis in a resting state will be a bit difficult, but it should be similar to measuring the length of the penis.

How to correctly measure the circumference of the penis?

Penis thickness for most men is as important a parameter as its length. So how to correctly measure the penis circumference? Here is a quick instruction

  • Before starting the measurements, gentlemen should equip themselves with an extremely soft tape measure or even a piece of string
  • if the choice is on a string, it cannot be stretched as the result will be distorted
  • erect penis should be gently wrapped with one of the objects, exactly once in the thickest part of the penis
  • gentlemen must now pay attention to the place that marks the end of the tape, we take the obtained number as the result of measuring the circumference of the member.
  • if a string is used, mark the point where its end meets the rest of the part, then stretch it on a flat surface and use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance from its beginning to the marked point.
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