Average penis size in the UK

According to the research carried out, British men are extremely satisfied with sexual intercourse. Women have recently come to love the English, the British are the most masculine, as shown by the boxing world, where Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua reign supreme, as well as F! where Lewis Hamilton dominates. The British assume that they are the best, it is not unfounded because they have great members that are able to satisfy every woman. Women who go to football games regularly emphasize that they feel best at Premier League matches, among self-confident men who do not have to prove anything to anyone, the motto of Millwall fans is ‘no one likes us, we do not care’. British men are not liked by men from mainland Europe, while women adore them, many ladies say that they dream of having intoxicating sex with an Englishman. We can say that the British have the size of their birth written in their DNA, as evidenced by, for example, the figure of the giant from Cerne Abbas. Europeans from the continental part of the Old Continent are often ashamed of their birthright, the British consider it a reason to be proud, so much so that Westminster came up with a proposal to change the regulations, consisting in a ban on sending photos of penises. you should get acquainted.

What is the secret of big penises in British people?

First of all, the English are well endowed for genetic reasons, because it should not be forgotten that they are descendants of the Vikings. The second thing is that women began to demand more and more, as exemplified by the reality show entitled ‘Magic of Nudity’, where a woman chooses her partner according to the length and thickness of the penis. The British, who had a smaller member size, realized that in order to fight for an attractive woman, they had to improve their tool to make it more attractive. The British realized that they would either get on with themselves, or else they wouldn’t have a personal life, or they would not have magical orgasms, as women would pass them by. The British began to use preparations for the growth of a member, which is why today, together with Hungary, they are the leader in terms of the length of male birth in Europe, research has shown that English penises significantly exceeded the French ones, which was welcomed on the Thames, while on the Loire and Seine, where Brits, to put it mildly, do not like sadness and disappointment, which in the study was based on actual measurements and not on the declared length. The English gained confidence when it turned out that Latin American penises are not as powerful as they seemed. British and Hungarian penises average 16.1 cm in length. in erection, in Europe it is 13.48-14.87 cm.

Do Europeans have anything to be ashamed of?

The length of European penises is theoretically not bad, it is a decent figure compared to the rest of Europe. It must be said, however, that it is not about the length but the thickness. While the British usually have thick penises that can please every partner, they are not too European. European women often complain that their compatriots are not able to please them, they are not able to properly enter the side walls of the vagina, although they feel that Europeans are entering deeply, the drawback is the width. How to deal with this problem? The perfect solution is the preparation Member XXL. Due to the perfect composition of natural extracts, this preparation will, on the one hand, enlarge the penis and also thicken it. Men who used it emphasize that it is a product that can be fully trusted. Gentlemen who used Member XXL noticed the enlargement of their member sometimes even by 9 cm. The advantage is undoubtedly quick action, and it is completely safe, i.e. it does not cause any side effects, which is important, the method is non-invasive. Ladies who regularly have sex with their men notice that sex tastes different before and after the use of the preparation by their men, they want to forget about it before the treatment, while after using Member XXL they want to enjoy it and want more and more.

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